Univeristy of Zagreb, Faculty of civil engineering 


Contact: prof. Ivana Banjad Pečur 

01 4639 162 

The Faculty of Civil Engineering is one of the 33 constituent faculties of the University of Zagreb. It was founded in 1919 and today it is the largest civil engineering faculty in Croatia. Today, the faculty consists of nine institutes that carry out teaching, scientific, research and professional activities. UNIZG-FCE is one of the leading regional higher education and research institutions in the field of construction and is established and recognized by the scientific and professional public. Scientific and research work takes place within the framework of numerous domestic and international scientific projects. During the last decade, UZ-FCE coordinated and/or participated in several EU-funded projects (eg Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, CIP, IEE, FP7; FP6, LIFE, Eureka, COST). Good cooperation with the construction industry in various professional and development projects is a long tradition of UZ-FCE, especially in terms of energy efficiency in buildings where, among other things, they have developed innovative products (eg ECO-SANDWICH®). 

Experts from the Department of Materials at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, were engaged as trainers and expert collaborators in the creation and piloting of a training program for experts in the construction sector as part of the European project INTENSE. Additionally, UZ-FCE coordinated the IEE project BUILD UP Skills Croatia (CROSKILLS), which defines the National Plan for lifelong education of construction workers in the field of energy efficiency, as well as the CROSKILLS II project, which develops educational materials for workers in the field of energy efficiency. 


Croatia Green Building Council – CGBC 

Croatia Green Building Council (CGBC) was founded in 2009 as a non-profit non-governmental organization with a mission to become a nation-wide platform for the promotion of sustainable building practices. Twenty-four (24) co-founders from the business and institutional sectors established the network with a purpose to drive the transformation of the way the built environment is planned, constructed and used towards sustainable growth. CGBC is a consensus based non-profit organization wherein all activities are initiated and managed by its members and partners, creating a platform for the implementation of green building principles, not only in Croatia, but also in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, through close cooperation with the network of GBC’s in neighbouring countries. Croatia GBC is a part of the World Green Building Council, a global network leading the transformation of the built environment to make it healthier and more sustainable. The strategic and operative goals of the Croatia GBC are interconnected with the mission, vision and main ideas of the World Green Building Council. Croatia GBC is constantly growing in regard of its membership network, activities, financial stability and organizational structure. Through the years it acquired influential members, representing the relevant companies working in the fields of insulation, installations, heating and cooling technologies, financial institutions and many more, all relevant in the area of green building. Croatia GBC has grown into a network of one hundred and fifteen (115) members, more than twenty (20) institutional partners, over twenty (20) media partners and almost eight thousand (8.000) professionals listed in the partners database. 

Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts – HOK

The Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts is an independent professional business organization of tradesmen and craftsmen, founded with the aim of promoting, coordinating and representing the joint interests of tradesmanship and craftsmanship. The tasks of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts are the following: promoting trades and crafts, representing tradesmen and craftsmen’s interests before state authorities and in the forming of economic policies, providing state authorities with opinions and suggestions when passing regulations concerning trades and crafts, founding commissions for apprentice and master’s exams, tradesmen and craftsmen’s activities, founding of the arbitration council, keeping a register of tradesmen and craftsmen, keeping a register of apprenticeship contracts, assisting tradesmen and craftsmen in establishing and operating a trade/craft business, performance of other tasks stipulated by the law and legislative documents of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts. In order to coordinate and address professional issues dealing with their respective branches of the economy, tradesmen and craftsmen organize into sections and guildsprofessional organizations at the level of tradesmen associations, county chambers and at the national level of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts 

Regional energy agency North – REA North 

Regional energy agency North (REA North) is specialized in energy efficient and sustainable construction and provides expertise and knowledge in nZEB training as well as in organizing and conducting awareness raising events. Reliable and wide network of relevant stakeholders on local, regional, and national level is a crucial part of the One-stop-shop (OSS) service for energy refurbishment and energy efficient construction that REA North recently established. REA North also has experience and knowledge in preparation of cost-optimal deep renovation projects for cofounding cities. REA North covers all phases of the technical assistance, from project task development to overall project management. As one of the crucial promotors of energy efficiency and smart sustainable solutions in the region and beyond, REA North has established the first Living lab in Croatia in the city of Koprivnica. REA North is one of the pioneers in Green public procurement and innovation procurement in Croatia. The Agency was a first contracted national partner of the Ministry of Environmental Protection responsible for implementation of measures defined within National GPP Action Plan. Besides GPP, Agency provides support in public procurement procedures for deep energy renovation projects financed both through public as well as private funding (energy performance contracting). REA North recently implemented the public procurement of innovation procedure and it can use its competences in PPI and GPP procedures and contribute in activities related to GPP guidance for public authorities. 

Association of Construction Engineering Schools of the Republic of Croatia – ACES 

The Association of Construction Engineering Schools of the Republic of Croatia is a non-profit association founded in 2005. It gathers 29 secondary vocational schools in which students in the construction and geodesy sector are educated. The sector includes students enrolled in a large number of three-year craft and industrial occupations such as a carpenter, bricklayer, ceramicist, self-propelled construction machines operator, drywall fitter, house painter, facade fitter as well as four-year technical occupations such as an architectural, construction engineering and geodetic technician. The activity of the Association is to gather members (representatives of schools) to exchange experiences, solve problems, exchange information, and coordinate professional activities. In addition, the Association organizes or assists with the organization of student competitions, in-service teacher training, seminars and courses. It cooperates actively with the Ministry of Science and Education, the Agency of Vocational Education, employersassociations, the Chamber of Crafts and other similar associations in the country and abroad with which it participates in proposing and developing new curricula, curricular reform and other issues related to curricula in civil engineering. Teachers from member schools have been actively involved in the development of occupational standards and qualification standards in projects of the Agency of Vocational and Adult Education and the Ministry of Science and Education.